Geotourism Program

Geotourism is a model for regional stewardship and development that takes a multi-stakeholder approach.  Visit for a wealth of information about the subject. To put it succinctly, a regional socio-economic development program can include the active participation of multiple stakeholders to increase the chance for success and satisfaction, minimize potential negative outcomes, and to specifically plan for participation from and benefits for each stakeholder group.

Local Routes Foundation has developed a Geotourism Map Guide program especially for the youth and young adults of the world. Our vision is that participants gain wisdom about their community and the world through active participation in regional and global development. Routes mission is to provide tools and resources to participants and their local cooperative partners to aid in the success the global partnership.

Participants in the Geotourism Map Guide program focus on the experience of working side by side with community leadership from each stakeholder group. Stakeholders join together to appreciate and celebrate the vast wealth of unique features of the community.

Local Routes Foundation has developed a short overview ‘course’ about how the Geotourism Partnership can help your community build a regional Geotourism Map Guide and “kickstart” your Geotourism Program.

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Geotourism Map Guide