The Local Routes Foundation produces online tools, curriculum, and program support services for community based development programs. Programs are designed to be facilitated and delivered by youth in a “learn-by-doing” approach.

Youth learn about heritage, culture, and nature within their own community. Local groups interact with each other within their own country and with groups in other countries. Youth use the Routes platform to create local maps to showcase the unique features of their community.
Youth learn about local businesses and their role in economic development.  
Technology is core curriculum for each program. Specifically, while youth learn to use technology to improve their local community and sharing the use of tools with local residents, participants also focus on technical skills including data science, computer programming, and data driven software development.

Local Development Organizations

Local Routes Foundation is now accepting applications from local development organizations wishing to be part of our next deployment in April of 2017. Please use our contact page to send your expression of interest.