Free Schooling for Poor Children in Indonesia

Two out of three children aren’t finishing 9th grade in Indonesia. Local Routes’ Program Makmur in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, is 100% focused on creating a sustainable solution for quality education that’s accessible for everyone.

We have launched the first free computer skills training program for the poor in Indonesia. With a generous grant from the Florence MacFarlane Martin Memorial Foundation, we have purchased six laptop computers, and we are off and running!


Our program is open to girls who have dropped out of school because their families cannot afford school fees. Many cannot even afford nutritious meals for the children. School tuition is a further burden the families simply cannot bear.


Our program uses a commons-based approach, meaning all of our education programs are also community development programs. The students are agents of change in their communities. They are the seeds for change that communities in the developing world need for a better future to blossom.

Give today; any amount will help a child continue their learning!
$5 buys papers and pens and pencils
$20 buys a t-shirt, an ID badge and a clipboard
$200 goes toward a new laptop computer
$600 buys a new laptop computer

Give today; any amount can help a child continue their learning!